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The Balance Podcast with Adison Childers— multi passionate entrepreneur, and founder of Amina Studios. Here you’ll find weekly heart-to-heart conversations for women and entrepreneurs alike who are done trying to find the balance and ready to prioritize what matters so they can fully live out what God has for them.

001: Introducing The Balance Podcast

Introduction Episode
Adison Childers

Are you exhausted from the hustle? Is your head spinning from launching new dreams, trying to keep up with the laundry, and just doing all the things? Are you craving community and wisdom from women who have been and still are in your shoes?

The Balance Podcast is a resource for creative women who are worn out from the struggle of trying to find that elusive work life balance. Join entrepreneur and host Adison Childers for heart to heart chats on how to prioritize what matters to you and say good-bye to the anxiety of trying to do it all, all the time. Every week, Adison brings you value-packed conversations exploring how to live carefree and do work and life well without compromising your family, your business, or your health. 

Expect to learn from CEO’s, wives, entrepreneurs, creatives, and mamas who have been where you are and want to pass on how they are finding the real balance—one that lets them be a human and prioritize what is important in the season God has them in. If you are done trying to juggle all the things and are ready for a gentler, more well-rounded way of life—you’re in the right place.

You’re listening to the balanced podcast with Adison Childers, multi passionate entrepreneur and founder of Amina studios. Here you’ll find weekly Heart to Heart conversations for women and entrepreneurs who are done trying to find the balance and ready to prioritize what matters so they can fully live out what God has for them. Come learn about real life and business from other women who are in your shoes. Here we dispel the myth that there is a perfect work life balance and learn how to structure our lives into something holistic and beautiful. Here’s your host Adison Childers.

“Hi, and welcome to The Balance Podcast. I am Adison Childers, and I’m your host, I cannot believe this is happening. This has been a dream for so many years, but also something I’ve been actively working on for many, many, many months. And something I worked on for many months before I could even say anything about it. And I just I can’t believe it’s finally here.

Before I truly introduce myself, though, I kind of want to just rip off the band aid and tell you a little secret. I have recorded so many of The Balance Podcast episodes so far – before recording this intro episode. For a couple of different reasons. One, I wasn’t really sure what to title it. I went back and forth about it. Still not decided. So we’ll just see what is being when you are watching or listening to this. But two, because I was really scared of telling a story, which sounds so silly to me to say out loud. But truly, I want to share my testimony today, I want to share how I got to where I am right now in business and in life. And I wanted to do it in a way that really glorifies God, because this story is one that he wrote for me.

And there’s so many moments, so many beautiful moments of his glory shining through and his provision shining through that I just wanted to do it justice. But I was holding on so tightly to the fact that I wanted to do it justice, that it’s taken me a couple weeks to even sit down and record this episode. So I have some notes. You know, I’ve tried to record this episode a couple times before, and I just really can’t get across what I want to get across. So I have some notes. But I’m going to for the most part, just wing it and tell you my story of how I got here today. And I hope that’s okay!

And I’m so glad that you’re here and that you’re listening. And I just I cannot wait to get to know you over the course of this podcast. And I hope that we get connected in real life and beyond you just listening. So anyways, like I said, I am your host Adison. Childers, and I’m going to take a stab in the dark to think that unless you are coming from Instagram, or you know me because of my studio, or you know me in real life, you probably don’t know who I am. And that is 110% okay. So that’s I’m going to share my story with you, I want to introduce myself, I am a daughter of the king, which you could probably tell already from how I’ve been speaking. I’m a wife, and as soon to be mama, which those are the two most important hats I wear here on this earth. And I’m also an entrepreneur as well, as a friend, a sister, a daughter, the list goes on and on and on. We really like to wear leather hats around here. So if you also wear a lot of hats, which if you’re a woman, you probably do then stick around because I think you’re gonna find this podcast really relatable. And I can’t wait for you to listen to all the things that I have coming.

My husband and I live in the upstate of sweet old South Carolina. So we’re over here on the East Coast, and out of which I run my design studio. So I’m also the founder of Amina Studios, which is a full service design studio serving other women entrepreneurs who crave more for their business and life, which is a really fancy way to say I love women. I love communing with women and helping them reach their fullest potential and achieve their dreams. And specifically, I’m able to do that through visuals. So I am a brand new web designer. I also do a lot of other creative direction and you know collaterals and all kinds of things and I also have a bunch of resources for those things out as well. So, Jack of all trades, and you’ll see that more as we get into the story because I truly have niched down so much since I first started my entrepreneurial journey, my business has also been a vessel for me to have the privilege of forming some of the most meaningful relationships and friendships of my life.

I actually met my husband through a project in the early days of my business, which I debated on leaving out of this episode, because I wanted to share it when he comes on. And we get to share, you know, our testimony together. But there’s so many details within our love story. I think I can spare sharing this one story with you. So it’s really awesome. And this is how I met my husband through my business. So in the early days of my business 2019 is when I founded Amina Studios at the time I went by AC Graphic Designs and Photography, because I did not know what I was doing. And I didn’t know how to name a business. And my name was Adison Culver. I still could have kept that because now I’m just Adison Childers, still an AC, I still do graphic design in some capacity. I’m no longer doing photography, though. So I just think that’s so funny that used to be go by that name. Since rebranded. And now you’re Amina studios.

But at the time, I was doing photography and graphic design. And I was really starting my business, mainly by word of mouth. So I was growing it online. And that was the main platform I was trying to reach new people on. But because of the nature of what I did, specifically, the photography part, I knew a lot of people in person, and local to me that I was able to serve. And then just by word of mouth, that kind of spread. And it wasn’t until I tapped into the photographer industry and serving them with branding and websites, that I was really able to explode my business nationwide because photographers follow other photographers, y’all, that is one of the strongest things you can learn if you are brand designer, get into the freakin photography community, because there’s an endless supply of really talented photographers out there. And they’re connected with a lot of other photographers just like them. So if you can find one that you really like, you can just work with like an endless supply of ones just like them until you’re ready to expand, which is what I did. And now I work with a wide variety of other service based entrepreneurs and also e-commerce based entrepreneurs.

But in the early days, I was working with a lot of local people. And one of the first website projects I ever did was for a wedding venue here in Easley, South Carolina called Arran farms, I will link them down below. very rustic, very country styled wedding venue, very southern, but it’s so beautiful, and they have some really incredible views on their property. And I was actually introduced to this venue through my old boyfriend at the time, which is just really funny. But he and I used to go to a monthly gathering that was hosted at your farms called forestry Friday. So what Forestry Friday was, was it was basically just this like, awesome melting pot of all these local vendors from upstate. Also food trucks also live music, it was just the coolest thing ever, they would do it once a month. And that was never enough for me because I could spend all my time there. And you could like, you know, shop different vendors. So they were like homemade earring vendors. And there was like pottery vendors and T shirt makers and tea towel makers and candle makers. And like you name it is actually hosted by some candle makers in my area, which I will link all these things down below.

So you can kind of just browse if you’re ever in the area, or if you ever just want to shop from these people online. But it was just the coolest thing. And then food trucks. That is actually where I fell in love with my favorite pizza place. So if you’re ever in the area, and you ever want to grab lunch with me, I take all my friends to this place called coastal crust. It’s in Greenville, they have a brick and mortar shop now. But they started off as a food truck. And they had this really really cute light blue, like pickup truck and the back of the pickup truck was actually converted into a wood fire stove. And they would make the pizzas like right there in front of you at the farm, which was the coolest thing ever best tasting pizzas in the world. The farmer’s pie is amazing. That’s my recommendation if you ever in the area and you want to go check out the best pizza in the world. And take all my friends there. So if you like I will seriously take you there if you reach out to me and then we can go get lunch together. Because any excuse to eat their pizza. But know about pizza. They also had other things like like huge cinnamon rolls and barbecue trucks and beer trucks and just like all kinds of different food vendors. And then there’s always live music and so it would be different like local artists… continue the story above.

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About adison

The Balance Podcast with Adison Childers—designer, entrepreneur, and founder of Amina Studios. Here you’ll find weekly heart-to-heart conversations for women and entrepreneurs alike who are done trying to find the balance and ready to prioritize what matters so they can fully live out what God has for them.


001: Introducing The Balance Podcast

Adison Childers


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